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Bigg Boss4 Telugu: contestants list goes viral

Bigg boss4 is much awaiting show for Telugu audience in the Andhra and Telangana. Nagarjuna hosting Bigg boss4 is going to telecast first episode on Sep6th evening 6pm. Mean while lot of websites are predicting the bigg boss4 contestants list. So those lists are going viral on social media and all interested people promoting this news on social media. Previous seasons also affected with these type of lists and finally the candidates are different from the lists. But 40% contestants were true. So the people also searching on internet to know the bigg boss4 contestants. The lists contains singer Noyal, Gangavva, Dettadi Harika, Karate kalyani, Sohel, Vishnu Priya, Avinash, Ariyana, Tanooja and others.

For the last one month these type of lists are going viral but some stars gave clarification that they are not going to participate in Bigg boss4. Now in the present people only one or two from movie industry and all are from TV and Youtube industries. Again for Bigg boss4 also Nagarjuna is going to hosting and his promos also viral on social media and tvs. Last time except two episodes entire bigg boss was hosted by Nagarjuna only and he hiked the TRP. Where bigg boss2 was hosted by Nani but the TRp was low ever. But initially Bigg boss1 was hosted by Jr. NTR and the TRP was all time high.

The show will start on Maa TV from 6 pm today and Purnavi & Rahul will appear as special appearance in this show for first day as he mentioned in a youtube video. Lets see how will go forward with new contestants.

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