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Bihar government ask for CBI investigation into Susant case

Bihar Chief Minister asked for CBI probe in to Susant's case and he mentioned that it was popular demand from Bihar people and even in assembly some MLA's demanded for CBI probe on susant's case. He sent official request to center for CBI investigation and that CBI will investigate Susant's father FIR filed against Rhea chakraborty.

Bihar Chief Minister also criticised over Mumbai Police quarantined Bihar police officer. that Bihar police officer landed to involve in the Susant's case in Mumbai but quarantined in hours after he landed. Rhea's lawyer strogly opposed this request for CBI and he said "There can’t be transfer of a case to CBI as the case has no legal basis for Bihar to get involved" also included "At best it would be a “Zero FIR’’ in Patna and transferable to Mumbai Police"

Susant suicide is completing 2 months but every day new twits and allegations are emerging. Let's hope this CBI will give justice to Susant Singh Rajput 's family.

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