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Deva Katta fired on Producer Vishnu over copied stories

Deva Katta is a popular director in Tollywood with his emotional movies like 'Prastanam'. He is popular for powerful dialogues and emotional content. Now this powerful director fired on producer of NTR biopic Vishnu. Now Vishnu going to take another real story of telugu top political leaders Nara Chandra Babu Naidu and YSR. After this movie announcement, Deva Katta that he is copying Deva Katta's story line. he also mentioned that NTR Biopic also copied from his story. This time Deva Katta is going to stop this copying.

But NTR Biopic was done in two parts . Anyway no one impressed at box office. The movies were directed by Krish. Deva Katta also had a huge flop in Bollywood for the remake of Prastanam with Sanjay Dutt. Now he is doing movie with Sai Dharan Tej. The movie also announced and one song was released from 'Solo Life Soo Better'. Vishnu also answered for Deva Katta statements. He mentioned that " I met Deva Katta before shooting of NTR Biopic but deva katta was not agreed to do movie. Now I,m not copying story for CBN & YSR biopic". Lets see how it will turn and how far it will useful for promotion of the movie.

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