Dil Bechara Movie Review..Master Piece Rating:3.75
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Dil Bechara Movie Review..Master Piece Rating:3.75

Dil Bechara……(Dil Bechara Movie Review)

If someone asks me say something about Dil Bechara movie then I would definitely say "The last masterpiece of Sushanth Singh Rajput".....

What a movie man…

Tremendous job by every actor & technician…

Every one completely involved in their roles…

We laugh & cry along with all the characters

Even though this movie was adapted from "The fault in our stars"....

The Director mainly succeeded in making us to dive in the world of crazy serial killer & beautiful serial kisser (Manny & kizie)..

We laugh with them,

We enjoy the beautiful moments with them,

We travel with them,

Finally we cry with them….

An unexpected turn of the movie which was connected to the reality turn us into tears in the end.

Cinematography by Setu(isc) was top notch….

Thanks to the Editing department, they kept the pace alive….

Coming to AR Rehman's music, he's fantastic as usual… the background score was another major aspect that keeps us engaged to such a cute & tragic love story….

DI & Sound design departments were also brilliant, they gave the life to the movie…

But sad news for all these technical departments bcuz no one ever Focuses on these aspects when there are brilliant performers on the frame….

Sushant !!!! u r literally a man Eater damn it……

When ever there was Sushant on frame, literally he was eating every other actor's performance with his….

We completely gets involved by his acting…

Coming to Disney hotstar team…

Such a good hearts

They made this film available for the non subscribers too…..

Making this movie a grand tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput…..

May be No other OTT can take this step...

Miss you Sushanth… you are a gem

Still can't believe that you are no more in reality..

May be this entity was born in another parallel universe to entertain those species…

Don't forget to play with quantum mechanics as you always do…

A photon in a double slit..

"Dil bechara - An intense & entertaining Rollercoaster ride of emotions"

- Revanth Kumar Velavalapalli

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