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Google will give up to $1000 to their employees to continue work from home.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that they are going to reimburse wrok from home expences of their employees with $1000 to each employee. This is to buy the equipment and maintenance and google is going to continue work from home few more months. He also provided guidelines to reopen the offices of Google.

Google is the first and big company who started work from home after COVID 19 and they given good guidelines to follow during the opening of offices.

Offices of Google are going to reopen through the strategy of slowly reopen and rotating of employees. They are going to reopen on July 6th with 10% occupancy and they will increase it to 30% by the month of September.

Google CEO had taken golden steps towards reopen of offices and continuing Work From Home. He stated previously like doing work from home is not a good idea in long run.

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