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Javed Akhtar warned me : Kangana Ranauth

After death of Susanth Singh Rajput, Bollywood people are coming up with their hardles and talking against nepotism in the Bollywood industry. Recently Sonam Kapoor, Karan Zohar, Alia Bhatt & Salman Khan were trolled by BTown people. Kangana also in news for the fast one week and raised her voice against Nepotism in the Industry.

Now she comeup with a news that once, Javed Akthar invited to his home and warned over Issue of Hrithik Roshan. We all knew about the issues between kangana and Hrithik Roshan.

That day he warned her that you may suicide yourself if you prolong this issue more. That time she got angry and fought with him. 'Javed tried to compromise me and tried to hide the true' she posted.

"Javed Akhtar had told me I would in jail or commit suicide if i didn't apologise to Hrithik. Such nepotism is running in Bollywood" -Kangana

Susanth Singh Rajput suicide is making people to think over nepotism in Movie industries all over India. Even south industries affected with nepotism and cause to suicides of young talented actors and actresses?. Questions are raising every where.

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