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Kamal Hassan going to take up sequel for his crazy thriller

Kollywood star hero Kamal Hassan going to start movie with Goutham Menon to take up sequel for their first combination " Vettiyadu Villayadu" which is Raghavan in telugu. Now kamal hassan is doing movie with Shankar (Bharatheeyudu2). Goutham Menon also doing his projects.

Now both Kamal and Shankar need success because for couple of years both are in flops and Kamal Hassan from the beginning of Bharateeyudu2 facing diiferent problems. We all knew how he suffered in crane accident.

Vettiyadu Villayadu released in 2006 and after 13 years now they are going to start sequel project soon. Goutham Menon completed whole script and Anuska will act in this movie.

Bharateeyudu2 all most complete the shooting and going to release after lock down. In this Bharayteedu2 along with Kamal, Rakul Preert Singh and Kajol are sharing screen.

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