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Kangana Ranaut’s video admitting she ‘was a drug addict’ goes viral on social media

Kangana Ranaut stated that she is ready to take test for drug finding but one video is getting viral on social media where she said that she was drug addict too. actor Shekhar Suman’s son Adhyayan Suman, who was in a relationship with Ranaut, had in a 2016 interview claimed she consumed drugs and even forced him to take it. Anti Narcotics Cell of Mumbai police started digging drugs case.

During lock down she gave interview and in that interview she stated that “I became a film star in a couple of years. I was a drug addict. So much was happening in my life. I fell into the hands of wrong people and all of this happened while I was still a teenager. Imagine how dangerous I am”.

Before Kangana reached to Mumbai she tweeted several tweets where she stated that she will reveal the bollywood stars who consumed drugs also accepted to take test for her self to know where she was consumed drugs or not.