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Legendary director is ready for writing script

Legendary director Singitham Srininvas is ready to write script for his new movie. singitam srininvasa Rao age is 88. He did so many films in his career and popular for his different style of scripts and style of making. He did some trendy and experiemental films in his career. So still those movies like Aditya 369, Bhairava Dweepam, Machel madana Kamaraju, Apurva Sahodarulu and Pushpaka Vimanam.

Each film has different kind of story where in Bhairava Dweepam, the cot of queen is flying and Bala krishna used to fight on it with the devil. In this film he also showcased Bala Krishna in deglamour role. Coming to Aditya 369 he experimented with time using t

ime machine. In this movie also Bala Krishna did duel role and he appeared as Sri krishna Devaraya which was top notch getup for Balayya in his career. In Machel Madan Kama Raju movie kamal hassan did four roles and each one different and stood as first ever super confusion comedy movie in south industry.

In Apurva Sahodarulu again kamal hassan acted in duel role and in the small boy role his performance is top notch. In pushpaka Vinamanam the film is totally mute. There were no dialogues in this movie. Like that he did several experiments in other movies also. Now at the age near 90 he is going to prepare new script which will be more suitable for present trend and he want to do a movie again. Even Bala krishna in interviews during his 60th birthday confirmed about Aditya 369 sequel movie. So he is preparing for sequel for Aditya 369 sequel.

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