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Modi not in good mood : Trump

Dispute with China is major reason

India has been fighting with China on border dispute for the last few days and America President trump said that he was not in good mood. He talked about Indian Prime Minister Modi.

In yesterday press meet he said"Indian media is more focusing me, compared to USA media, they are loving me. I love PM MODI. He is a gentleman. Now India and China has dispute over border. People in both countries high in number, both have great arm forces. But both countries are looking sad. I want to say one thing with you. I had call with modi today & Modi is not in good mood"

I will help to them : Trump

He also stated "if they request for help I can act as mediator between two".

Modi - Trump had no phone call

From Trump speech we can conclude as he had call with Modi but after this dispute they never spoke each other. this is the statement from central government higher officials.

They had conversation in the April during corona drugs supply to USA.

No need of USA help

Central Home minister Rajnath singh called through phone to USA home minister and said that we need not any help from America as of now.

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