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Pawan Kalayan's 4 months ' Deeksha' for the nation

Pawan Kalayan's 4 months ' Deeksha' for the nation

Pawan Kalyan is going to do Deeksha for coming four months and he is doing this Deeksha to revive country from all pandemics of country including COVID- 19. He mainly doing this Deeksha for Village wagers and farmers of this country. There will be one meal for day not like regular meals. He will include fruits for his diet and his one meal will completely vegetarian only. He will take Milk & fruits including one day meal.

Pawan Kalyan's personal assistant reported this news and he also included that Pawan is doing these type dheeksha's for the last two decades. Now this Janasenani is going to dedicate this Deeksha to Nations. He will complete his deeksha after four months and on final day he will take Veg meal and will conclude the deeksha.

Power star after elections decided to do movies and Vakeel S

aab shooting is going on sets after this movie he given commitment for 'Krish' for a historical movie. This will be his first historical movie.

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