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Solo Brathuke So Better team resume to shooting after 3 months

Mega Son in Law Sai Dharan Tej's solo bratuke so better team announced and resumed shooting. Previously before the pandemic they completed 3 months shooting and they returned to Hyderabad from Vishaka Patnam. Now they started shooting in Ramoji Film city Hyderabad. Sai Dharam Tej and Nabha Natasha informed that they are going to restart the shooting and want to complete the movies as possible as soon.

Naba Natasha is doing this film and looking for success after the blockbuster Ismart Shankar. On other hand Sai Dharan Tej returned to success track with chitralahari and continued with Prati Roju Pandagey. Now he is doing this film with director subbu. Sai Dharam Tej tweeted that we are exciting to back to shooting and taking utmost care. He posted a video where staff Waring PPE kit and taking utmost care to away from covid 19 virus.

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