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Sonu Sood promised to give internet facility to that village

Sonu Sood in the lockdown period offered so many things to needy and now he is offering internet to a village where a girl who is preparing for MBBS entrance exam is going up of the hill for internet. He was heartfelt and promised that he is going to offer wifi to the whole village on his expense. This was done in Maha Rastra state, Sindhu doorg village.

Swapnil who is belonging to this village is preparing for MBBS entrance exam but lack of internet signals she is climbing the hill daily along with his brother. They need to walk 2 km every time. This news came to sonu sood notice and want to help the needy with internet. We all knew previously he donated one tractor to a farmer belongs to AP and also helped for the children who arphoned due to Covid19. He also talked with a software lady who is selling vegetables due to lockdown crisis and offered job. People also demanding this star villain to enter into politics.

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