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SP Bala Subrahmanyam's health latest update

SP Bala Subrahmanayam well known Indian singer affected to Corona and joined in hospital on Aug 5th. Three days back he changed to ICU room and arranged ventilator. Presently SPB is showing signs of improvement step by step, we as a whole can have a moan of alleviation. This wellbeing update was given by SPB's sister Shailaja.

In what could be said as uplifting news, amazing vocalist, SP Balasubramanyam is doing somewhat well at this point. The most recent we hear is that SPB is off the ventilator and specialists are content with the improvement the vocalist has been appearing.

SPB still remains in the ICU yet now he is off the ventilator and this has come in as uplifting news for his fans who have been praying God for his recuperation. SPB was in life support as media people said a couple of days back and his condition was basic.

Big people from all the movie industries of India tweeted and prayed for his speed recovery. Let's have positive hope of SPB health and this news will be relief for his fans.

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