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Suresh Raina remembered his childhood and fan moments over Sachin

Star cricketer Suresh Raina remebered his love over Sachin Tendlukar in his child hood recently. He used to see match when both Sachin and Dravid were batting. If other people are in batting, he didn't used to see the matches.

He remembered 1998 series at Sharja. In this series Sachin stood as top scorer and he used to open the batting. So, Raina and his friends wanted to see his opening and left last two classes of every day.

Suresh Raina also played several matches for India and he used bat at 4th position and he won several matches for India. Sachin and Suresh Raina both are part of 2011 world cup team and we won against Sri Lanka. He also on the crease along with Sachin for his 100th century.

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