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Susanth Singh Rajput Case: A big name was hidden regarding a party night before his death

Susanth singh Rajput sign case turned after his father filed FIR against Susanth's Girl friend Rhea Chakraborty and now another twist in his case that a big name was there in a party , night before his death. A party was happen on the night on his apartment and a big political leader son also participated in the party. So speculations all over Susanth fans that the political leader is managing the Mumbai police to save his son.

two days back susanths father filed FIR on Rhea Chakrborty and she transferred lot of susanth,s money a week before his death. Yesterday Rhea Chakraborty plead Supreme court to handle this FIR by Mumbai police and Bihar Govt also appealed Supreme court that they want to handle this case. Even Susanth's assistants and his very known persons are also stating that Rhea chakraborty tortured Susanth alot for money and she used to black mailed him whenever she want money.

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