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Susant Singh was murdered, shocking video leaked

Susant's death still clueless and not solved. It became sensation in Bollywood and it is giving twits in every day. Recently popular dermatologist Meenakshi Misra released a video and concluded that it was brutally a murder. she marked some scratches on his face and legs. So she told that it was murder and some one beated him and created as suicide finally. This dermatologist is working in home department hospital as dermatologist.

Recently Susant's father filed FIr against Susant's girl friend rhea Chakraborty and ED is involving in this case. BJP leader Subrahmanayam also mentioned in a video that it was murder not suicide. Bihar police is not allowed and Bihar police officer was quarantined after he reached Mumbai to involve in this case. Susant's fans are not believing Mumbai police and asked to CBI investigation on this case and demand for #arrestreachakraborty.

Look at the video https://twitter.com/DevangVDave/status/1290358169160445958?s=20

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