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The Wall is my favourite cricketer all time : Pooja Hegde

Pooja Hegde is a popular actress in both Tollywood and Bollywood. He had few successful movies last year and this year. now she going to start act in Kollywood also. She was in news last week after commented over Samantha. Samantha fans create anti campaign over pooja but she said her acount was hacked.

Recently she shared her favorite things in few fields. she answered for the question that who is your favorite cricketer. She answered as 'Dravid' is my all time favorite player. She also included that he had style and classy in his play. In present generation cricketers 'Dhoni & K L Rahul' are favorite to her. Even though she is shooting she used to know India match score.

In this chat one of the fan asked her " if you were not an actress, what you would be". She answered that she would be a photographer. After back to back successes now she is doing one movie with Prabash and Akhil. Pooja also doing some Bollywood and kollywood projects too.

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