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They shouldn’t be spared at any cost : Rajani Kanth

Super Star Rajani Kanth furious about behaviour of COPS during investigation infront of megistrate. Rajani Kanth, due to covid-19 stopped his shooting and taking rest his home. He is also spreading awareness over corona and requested people to stay home and stay safe and he also demanded justice for custodial deaths of Jayaraj & Fenix.

We already new that what happened in the Jayaraj & Fenix and they murdered brutally in custody against the law by the COPS. Now after seen visuals of investigation Rajani Kanths shown his furious and angry over this issue through a social media post which was written in Tamil.

He stated that " ‘I am shocked to know the behavior of few police in front of the magistrate investigating the case in spite of being aware of the protests and outcry of citizens against brutal act of the police. The police involved in the case should be punished and not be spared. They shouldn’t be spared at any cost"

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