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Thierry Delaporte elected as new ceo of Wipro

Indian IT popular company elect Thierry Delaporte as new CEO &MD. Wipro chairman Rishadh Premji lso welcomed him and he hope more improvent of organization in his leader ship. Previously he worked as Capgemini's Cheif Operating Officer and Group Executive Officer. He had nearly 20 years relation with his previous organization.

He also did as Global Financial Services's head and business unit ceo. The current ceo Abidali Neem Chavla will be end by june 1st and till june 5th Rishadh Premji. So he will join with company from june 6th, 2020.

Delaporte got his Bachelors in Economics and Finance from Scince Po Paris. He got Master in Law from Sarbonne University. He also a co-founder to a non profit organization Life project-4. He is the first non Indian ceo of Wipro.

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