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Top 5 performances of Bala Krishna in Tollywood

here i'm giving small story about Bala Krishna Top 5 tollywood movies through which he got appreciation from both fans and non fans also.

  1. Aditya 369

Bala Krishna in this movie did duel role as Krishna kumar and Sri Krishna Devaraya. Still AP & Telangana people will imagine Srikrishna Devaraya as Bala Krishna only and he fit in the role perfectly. Aditya 369 one of gem from Singitham Srinivasarao. Balayya did a total of 3 films in the combination of Singitham Srinivasarao. Aditya 369 is Time Travel and science fiction. This will bring us other world along with Subhaleka sudhakar's (Scientist) time machine. Bala Krishna him self proved as intense actor .

2. Bhairava Deepam

This is another block buster in the combination of singitham srinivasarao. Bala Krishna excelled in the character of Vijay, a young boy who loved princes and fought for her against evil forces. He also surprised in this movie with a de glamour role. Roja acted as top lead actress and Rambha did one dance number. Whenever we listen Bhairava Deepam we will remember flying of cot and on that Balyya fight with evils.

3. Samara Simha Reddy

This is the movie where he proved him self as powerful actor and reach all the mass audience . He acted with co star Pridvi Raj and Simran, Sanghavi played heroine roles. Mani Sharama music played alot in the super hit movie success. BlaKhrishna known for Faction stories after this movie only. This movie got top collections by the time and 100 days in more than 100 centers. Huge blockbuster for Bala Krishna career.

4. Nara Simha Naidu

After Samara Simha Reddy this movie gave huge break for Bala Krishna and put him as Top hero Tollywood. In this movie acted as Village guy who sacrificed everything for family and fought for family and village. He appeared in two characters along with village guy he also appeared as Dance Master.

5. Legend

After success from mass director Boyapati , he did movie with him and this Legend always a biggest commercial success for Bala Krishna. In this movie he also appeared in duel role. In this movie he appeared as normal Software engineer and he appeared as powerful man who always appear when his family in problem and solve in his style. His getup and his bike have unique style. This movie is name for mass dialogues.

Now Bala Krishna is celebrating his 60th Birthday and doing third movie in the combination of Boyapati srinu. Later he planning to do sequel for Aditya 369 as Aditya 999 Max.

Here i have given all top 5 movies of NBK you may have different top movies please comment those names on comment section and get notifications of NBK & NTR movie updates through Subscription.

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