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Versatile actor Jaya Prakash Reddy is no more

Versatile actor Jaya Prakash Reddy died at his home in Guntur with heart attack. From the lockdown Jaya Prakash Reddy was in Guntur at his home and today morning he delldown in bathroom suddently with heart stroke. Jaya Prakash Reddy introduced with Brahma Radham and got reorganization through Preminchukundam raa. He gave special definition for villianism through his Rayala Seema slang. He did several films in telugu and in recent years he did film like Manam, Temper, Race Gurram, Chatrapathi, and more. His last film is Sari Leru nikevvaru. He was maths teacher and Drama artist. Jaya Prakash Reddy had interest in movies and entered in to tollywood . Later he became versatile actor. He did both Villianism and comedy at one era.

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